Past Course

Develop Your Consulting Business Like a Pro - 10 Mar 2021

Learn how to set up an organized, focused, efficient, and serene business development plan

  • Gain confidence and to talk about your business in an exciting and punchy way
  • Focus on essential prospects and creating long-lasting and trusting relationships
  • Attract attention and convince your prospects by your direct actions and through your digital storefront
  • Go straight to the point without denying yourself as well as maintaining your originality
  • Gain more customers to increase the stability of your turnover
  • Raise your pricesto make your customers pay for the fair added value that you bring them

Intro session: 10 March 2021 6PM CET

The complete paid course is in 4 parts according to your needs, but you can independently follow each session.The first session: "What do I say?" and its avatars (speech in a breath, written presentations, oral scripts, appointment scripts, emails) to have at your disposal a strong operating sales kit whatever the channel. The second session: "Who are my clients?" around your strategic segmentation, the sourcing and qualification process necessary to build focused files, by target account, immediately actionable for your commercial campaigns (mix of economic and qualitative criteria and ideal customer profiles (ICP) with whom you interact to sell or deliver your missions + strategic analysis of your target accounts and the business challenges of your ICPs). The third session: "Just do it!" is dedicated to customer engagement, your organization, the finalization of your preparation, practical cases, and handling techniques + best cadences, and persistence The fourth session: "How do I Look?", your digital storefront (social networks, website, landing pages, etc.) and tools (marketing and sales automation) to make them converge with your global sales strategy + remediation on other topics on demand

Paid sessions:

17 March "What do I say?

24 March "Who are my clients?"

31 March "Just do it!"

7 April "How do I Look?"

*All paid sessions are from 5 - 8PM CET 

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All COMATCH Courses begin with a free 45-min taster session. If you enjoy this session, you can then continue with the paid extended course.

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