Past Course

Finding Purpose – A sneak peak from happiness research for your pursuit of happiness - December 8, 2021

With an inspiring mix of research insights, new perspectives to find answers, and lots of proven practical exercises, our blended learning Finding Purpose Bootcamp guides your individual pursuit of happiness. We’ll cover the key drivers of happiness, which strategies exist to pursue it, and how you can find your own path. Guided by well-structured exercises, you’ll be able to identify and leverage your signature strengths, develop novel ideas for your purpose and turn these ideas into action. As a blended learning program, you’ll get additional access to our 10-week online course with lots of in-depth material to guide your pursuit of purpose at your own pace and schedule.
Learning objectives
  • Learn key insights from research around positive psychology and happiness
  • Understand how to define happiness and what it means to live a fulfilling life
  • Learn key concepts about purpose and best practices how to start searching for it
  • Kick-start a transfer from ideas into action, through proven techniques and experience

Free intro session: Wed, 8 December 2021 - 6PM (45 Min)

Paid extended course dates
  • Fr, 07.01. 16-19h CET
  • Fr. 14.01. 16-19h CET
  • Fr. 21.01. 16-19h CET
  • Additionally, you ’ll get access to our in-depth online course to deepen your insights at your own pace and schedule


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