Past Course

Game and Bargaining Theory in Negotiations  - 17 November 2021

In this seminar you will learn the basics of game and negotiation theory and how they can be applied in the analysis of such complex negotiation situations.

We will introduce you to the NAG Academy and take a dive into the contents of our training. You will get to meet the trainers, learn about the specific contents of the training and will be able to gauge whether this training is right and valuable for you. We will also go through the training’s implementation details and set-up. The trainers will also be directly answering any questions you might have.

Intro session date: Wed 17.11.2021 - 6PM (45 Min)

Extended course
Maximum success in negotiations has nothing to do with gut feeling. Power disparities, emotions and stress make negotiations difficult and daunting.

In this workshop you will learn to develop solutions for complex and high-volume scenarios - especially in difficult and highly competitive markets - with the right tools from game theory. Our philosophy: those who understand the underlying mechanisms of a particular negotiation can think ahead tactically and can thus anticipate and influence the behaviour of their negotiation partners. This enables them to steer negotiations in their desired direction, which is not only smart, but also highly profitable.

Learning Objectives
  • Building basic understanding of the game theory methodology
  • Assessment and classification of negotiation situations
  • Development of first advanced solutions
  • First insights of application of game theory in procurement negotiations
  • Situation-appropriate involvement of experts in more complex situations


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