Past Course

How to use your superpowers to define your unique and hence outstanding offering - 26 May 2021

Improve your positioning by using your superpowers to stand out of the crowd and thereby move from standard to premium offerings!

Are you still struggling to find your unique positioning to stand out in the market? Or, are you still in the „standard consulting biz“ because you’re lacking the idea of what your superpowers are and to how to leverage them to define a unique and more satisfying positioning?
Then, join me on an insightful walk-through: We are going to experience all steps of the positioning process and have a first look at the key elements to unveil your superpowers. We will learn how to combine these with your personal success story to attract your willing-to-pay customers easily. We understand how an ideal customer’s avatar and its journey assist in deducing your premium service portfolio and the perfect-fit channels & strategies to effectively market your unique offering. 

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