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Lean Principles for Diversity & Inclusion

These days everyone is talking about Diversity and Inclusion but what exactly does it mean? How does it impact us as consultants, and our work with our clients?

In this webinar you will get a down to earth introduction to diversity and inclusion, and go over a lean, non-fuss approach to work on it individually and with your clients.

Lean philosophy has its origins in manufacturing, with a focus on reducing waste and creating value. Using lean principles, you can reduce bias, improve your interactions with clients and ultimately create more value for them.

 Content/Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the generally accepted dimensions of diversity.
  • Discuss what diversity means for you on a personal level and in your interactions with others.
  • Review lean philosophy and understand how these apply to diversity and inclusion.
  • Develop a plan of action for your work with your clients from a diversity perspective.

Information for the workshop: 

Language: English

Intro session date: Wednesday 22.03.2023 16-17:00

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