Past Course

Mastering Change - How to successfully transform an organization  - 22 September 2021

Which projects are actually change projects? And why do so many transformation endeavors not succeed?

  1. Understand why change projects commonly fail.
  2. Design and run your change project in a way that it will be successful.
  3. Get to know tools that can help you at all 8 stages.

In this introductory session you will learn why change projects commonly fail and how to avoid these mistakes. Based on two case studies out of our consulting practice and the story of William Penn we will present the eight steps to a successful change project.

The steps will be illustrated by the graphic below.


An outlook to the extended course will be given where we introduce a detailed toolbox that can be used by organizations in each phase of the transformation journey.

Extended course: In this interactive online-course we will address the typical challenges of change projects. A best practice, hands-on tool-box to support the change projects will be introduced with three different perspectives:

  • Outside-in support
  • Enabling the teams
  • Enabling the change agents

Based on the participants experiences and needs we will focus and practice different elements of the toolbox. Best practice industry examples will be used to illustrate how successful companies where able to initiate and sustain transformations.

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