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How to Reduce Stress and Build Resilience -  24 Nov 2022

Learn how to better manage your demanding workload, identify daily stressors, develop new coping strategies, and build long-term resilience.

Do you at times feel ‘too stressed' to do something about your stress? Welcome to the freelance consultant world. But maybe it's time to change something. How does a brief introduction to stress research sound, coupled with useful tips and hacks on how to apply its insights to our daily life?

This online course, which can be taken from the comfort of your home, consists of 10 easy-to-follow modules that build on each other, with 68 lessons consisting of scientifically based videos, audio exercises, tasks, and a detailed course manual with many templates and tips for further reading.

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Through our partner, zentor, we are pleased to offer a scientifically tested, certified online course to learn multimodal stress management techniques that effectively reduce acute stress, build sustainable resilience, and prevent new stress. You can get an idea of what the course is about by clicking the link below.  

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The course was evaluated by the Technical University of Munich and is certified by the central prevention testing agency. It can be reimbursed in full or in large part by statutory health insurance companies.

The course can be booked for €149 directly via the registration link above. After completion, legally insured persons will automatically receive a certificate of participation for reimbursement from their health insurance.

Want to get more information first? The World Health Organization (WHO) calls stress the No. 1 widespread disease, and in times of home office, pandemic, lockdown, and geopolitical turmoil, the burden continues to increase. For the self-employed and freelancers, there is also uncertainty about future project opportunities. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to deal with stress effectively and sustainably.








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